Inspired by the Sun

This image was taken @100mm 1/250sec f/8 iso100. If you like this, check out my other sunny pictures!

First Night Shot


This is my first (successful :)) night shot, stacked from 3 different images. The shots were taken @ ISO 2500 17s f2.8, ISO 400 59min 7s f2.8 and ISO 400 59min 7s f2.8. Hope you enjoy it!

Winter Moments

  • _MG_8267
  • _MG_8110
  • _MG_8178
  • _MG_8188

Golden Pines


December Lights




Let me share one of my FAV pictures with you because today I become the owner of my 5D Mark II. No more leasing, I’m the OWNER!!! :)
And a huge, huge, huge thanks to my brother for the chance to became a photographer!


_MG_7605 3

A few days ago I’ve just read a short post about the hills of Zemplén. I was very happy because I’m always interested for how others see my fav area, my home… This is my opinion. :)

Last Leaves

  • _MG_7239
  • _MG_7228

The fall is over, the trees have only their last leaves… These pictures were taken on a foggy morning near Alsóberecki.

Fog, Fog, Fog….


My FAV theme ever… :)

End of Fall


I’m a little bit sad because the fall will end in a few days. I hope for more foggy days and I’ll wait for the first snow!